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'Die Neue Ordnung' – 'The New Order' is the only German-speaking scientific magazine which systematically features Catholic social teaching. Among others, Arthur F. Utz published his writings in 'Die Neue Ordnung' on a regular basis. Until this day, his name is frequently mentioned. The magazine is published by the Bonn-based Institute for Social Sciences Walberberg. Its chief editor is Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ockenfels (Treves). In 1946, 'Die Neue Ordnung' was founded by two Dominicans, namely Laurentius Siemer and Eberhard Welty. It is a bi-monthly publication coming out in February, April, June, August, October and December. A single edition costs five euros, a yearly subscription 25 euros. You may receive it either directly from the institute (Simrockstr. 19, 53113 Bonn, Tel. (0049)- (0)228-216852, Fax (0049)-(0)228-220244 or in bookshops. The magazine is also available in most libraries of theological departments as well as departments of social sciences (not only) of German universities.

A big advantage, particularly for students, is the fact that 'Die Neue Ordnung' is accessible also via the internet, already one month before the printed version comes out. Furthermore, you can also find complete older editions in internet archives.

In the town of Lüttershausen (February 8th, 1942)

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